Sunday, January 31, 2010

Red knitt cardigan

Once I saw this coral red mohair I new I just had to knit something for myself from it.

And as cardigans are one of the most practical clothing articles out there I decided it was going to be a cardigan.

I combined two patterns as you can see below and knit a sailor collar.

This is a picture of the cardigan from the front

and this is one from the back.

If you have any questions regarding the pattern, material or construction I will be happy to answer. Just leave a comment or contact me on my e-mail address.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Peyote bracelet 2

This is another experiment, I think a more sophisticated bracelet this time.
I chose to use larger beads so that it wouldn't take forever to make and so I could try out another pattern...
See if you like it !

Peyote bracelet

This is my first peyote bracelet. This end of 2009 seems to be one of many firsts (J).

I made it for my sister for Christmas. I am pretty pleased with the outcome, especially as I was quite skeptical about the results when I started making it.

I used three different colored beads, the colors I used are pretty much my sister’s favorites, I followed a pattern I have found in a crafts-

book I also bought her for Christmas.

But enough theory…the pictures above and below show the pattern I used as well as my work in progress.

Looking forward to your comments!

Friday, January 29, 2010

My dream medallion

Strolling through the city center a piece of jewelry caught my eye.
It was lying there in the large display window just screaming to be noticed.

I had always wanted a medallion like this one but had never found a similar one before. I started to believe that the design only existed in my head.

But the nice people from Millefiori though of me and realized my dream.

The medallion is made of Murano glass embedded in a gold frame. Now I usually don't wear a gold but for this masterpiece I made an exception.

Blue Sky Baby

Since I already did an article on Kenley Collins and her designs I'm not going to say much about this dress except that I definitely love it.

It is a blue silk shantung dress with an embroidered mesh top and an asymmetrical pleated skirt.

Now it is a bit dressy for me as I don't really have where to wear it to ...but if the skirt part would be a different material I would totally see it integrated in my day-to-day wardrobe.

One word: gorgeous!

Kenley Collins

If you have seen season 5 of Project Runway you have definitely noticed Kenley Collins, if not for her designs then for her long disputed personality.

Now it is true that Kenley didn’t hesitate much when it came to talking back to Heidi on the runway (talking back to one of the judges and producer of the show- big NO NO) or laughing at her fellow contestants, after the show she was even arrested for allegedly throwing a cat (?) a laptop and some water at her ex-fiancé, but I really don’t plan to focus on that.

Irregardless of what her personality may or may not be like I looove her vintage inspired, girlie, daring clothes. She is at least as outspoken in her design as she is with her fellow men.

She made the final 3 and got to show her collection, which is proof that irregardless of the judge’s opinion of her personality, they did acknowledge her talent. I personally loved her collection and the fact that she hand died many of her clothes. However I do feel that LeAnn had a more cohesive collection and deserved to win.

Here are some of the dresses from Kenley Collins’s collection:

But leaving Project Runway didn’t mean ending her carrier in fashion for Kennley. She has a very successful clothing line that can be seen on her webpage, where you can also purchase her designs from, as well as some headpieces that have been selling nicely.

Although she didn’t have it easy, Kenley didn’t give up on her dream and has made a 15-piece recession-friendly collection inspired by Amelia Earhart for Spring 2010 Fashion Week.

Here are some of the designs from the collection:

and some of her lovely headpieces:

To find out more about Kenley and her designs go to:

For more info...

If you want to see some of the work I am doing now visit:
I posted some of the jewelry and patchwork I made!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gwen Stefani

Once I decided to do a couple of articles about fashion icons, Gwen Stefani immediately popped into my head.

When choosing my fashion icons I really didn't think of the internationally proclaimed classical ones. I wanted to write about people who are fashion icons and style chameleons in my eyes.

I especially like Gwen Stefani because of her roots and background, because she herself used to create most of her clothes and stage outfits, so when she got to the point of showing an entire collection based on her unique taste she really new what she was doing and didn’t just put her name on a bunch of clothes somebody else designed.

Just like some of the other icons mentioned on this blog, Gwen never fails to draw attention, even if she is wearing sweatpants, as her personality shines through. She is a walking fashion statement through her music and clothes as well.

Gwen wears a variety of clothes from funky to hippie to classy..all flawlessly and with grace

In 2003 Gwen launched her first fashion line called L.A.M.B (Love Angel Music Baby) having the same name as her first solo album. The line doesn’t only include clothing but shoes, bags, watches, and fragrance as well. It draws its inspiration from American as well as Asian trends.

In 2005 L.A.M.B was expanded through the less-pricey Japanese-inspired Harajuku Lovers line.

Her lines are super funky, so they attract more of the avant-garde dressers. She caters to that L.A. look. She's not a classical, conservative dresser, and yet her styles attract all kinds of people—the people who don't dress like her and the people who want to look like her.

—Dezi Gellman The Denver Post

Two of Gwen's designs that I really liked and would love to wear myself

Some of my favorite L.A.M.B shoes

So what is your take on Gwen and her looks?

Stella McCartney

Spring is a coming! and I found a beautiful white wool detailed short sleeve coat from Stella McCartney that just makes your hear melt!
Check it out below:

Would you like to own it?

Roberto Cavalli

From the runway...

...straight to the stars!

(with minor modifications of course.)

Is this not the cutest little dress ever? Not that I would afford it...but I would love to own something similar one day.

The Jumpsuit

Starting out, as all clothes do before translating into fashion,

as utilitarian one- piece garments for workers, sportsmen,

drivers and pilots, the jumpsuit has been reinvented time and again,

even becoming a movie star in futuristic films where it seems to

be the only garment left standing :)!

Since the 1960s the jumpsuit started making appearances in high fashion but it really made it big in the 1980s and became the staple fashion of this decade.

Spring 2009 marked the return of the Jumpsuit to the Runway! And I have to say I’m quite delighted! The Jumpsuit is fashionable and comfortable at the same time. It saves you a

bunch of time, just throw it on and you don’t have to worry about matching it with anything except your shoes.

The tricky part of course is finding the right jumpsuit for your body type as well as the occasion you are going to wear it to.

These stars seem to have made it work for them, even on the red carpet:

But have no fear, the Jumpsuit is extremely versatile and can go from a day in the park with your kids to a night out on the town. A real chameleon of color, material and style, a jumpsuit can be tailored to match any occasion.

Come spring I intend to make one for myself, so that kind of prompted me to research the jumpsuit. I posted some of my favorites

I found, not all of them would translate to my everyday life, but the one I am going to chose to make I will surely post on my blog.

Have fun looking at these wonderful garments!