Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gwen Stefani

Once I decided to do a couple of articles about fashion icons, Gwen Stefani immediately popped into my head.

When choosing my fashion icons I really didn't think of the internationally proclaimed classical ones. I wanted to write about people who are fashion icons and style chameleons in my eyes.

I especially like Gwen Stefani because of her roots and background, because she herself used to create most of her clothes and stage outfits, so when she got to the point of showing an entire collection based on her unique taste she really new what she was doing and didn’t just put her name on a bunch of clothes somebody else designed.

Just like some of the other icons mentioned on this blog, Gwen never fails to draw attention, even if she is wearing sweatpants, as her personality shines through. She is a walking fashion statement through her music and clothes as well.

Gwen wears a variety of clothes from funky to hippie to classy..all flawlessly and with grace

In 2003 Gwen launched her first fashion line called L.A.M.B (Love Angel Music Baby) having the same name as her first solo album. The line doesn’t only include clothing but shoes, bags, watches, and fragrance as well. It draws its inspiration from American as well as Asian trends.

In 2005 L.A.M.B was expanded through the less-pricey Japanese-inspired Harajuku Lovers line.

Her lines are super funky, so they attract more of the avant-garde dressers. She caters to that L.A. look. She's not a classical, conservative dresser, and yet her styles attract all kinds of people—the people who don't dress like her and the people who want to look like her.

—Dezi Gellman The Denver Post

Two of Gwen's designs that I really liked and would love to wear myself

Some of my favorite L.A.M.B shoes

So what is your take on Gwen and her looks?

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