Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Jumpsuit

Starting out, as all clothes do before translating into fashion,

as utilitarian one- piece garments for workers, sportsmen,

drivers and pilots, the jumpsuit has been reinvented time and again,

even becoming a movie star in futuristic films where it seems to

be the only garment left standing :)!

Since the 1960s the jumpsuit started making appearances in high fashion but it really made it big in the 1980s and became the staple fashion of this decade.

Spring 2009 marked the return of the Jumpsuit to the Runway! And I have to say I’m quite delighted! The Jumpsuit is fashionable and comfortable at the same time. It saves you a

bunch of time, just throw it on and you don’t have to worry about matching it with anything except your shoes.

The tricky part of course is finding the right jumpsuit for your body type as well as the occasion you are going to wear it to.

These stars seem to have made it work for them, even on the red carpet:

But have no fear, the Jumpsuit is extremely versatile and can go from a day in the park with your kids to a night out on the town. A real chameleon of color, material and style, a jumpsuit can be tailored to match any occasion.

Come spring I intend to make one for myself, so that kind of prompted me to research the jumpsuit. I posted some of my favorites

I found, not all of them would translate to my everyday life, but the one I am going to chose to make I will surely post on my blog.

Have fun looking at these wonderful garments!

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