Friday, January 29, 2010

Kenley Collins

If you have seen season 5 of Project Runway you have definitely noticed Kenley Collins, if not for her designs then for her long disputed personality.

Now it is true that Kenley didn’t hesitate much when it came to talking back to Heidi on the runway (talking back to one of the judges and producer of the show- big NO NO) or laughing at her fellow contestants, after the show she was even arrested for allegedly throwing a cat (?) a laptop and some water at her ex-fiancé, but I really don’t plan to focus on that.

Irregardless of what her personality may or may not be like I looove her vintage inspired, girlie, daring clothes. She is at least as outspoken in her design as she is with her fellow men.

She made the final 3 and got to show her collection, which is proof that irregardless of the judge’s opinion of her personality, they did acknowledge her talent. I personally loved her collection and the fact that she hand died many of her clothes. However I do feel that LeAnn had a more cohesive collection and deserved to win.

Here are some of the dresses from Kenley Collins’s collection:

But leaving Project Runway didn’t mean ending her carrier in fashion for Kennley. She has a very successful clothing line that can be seen on her webpage, where you can also purchase her designs from, as well as some headpieces that have been selling nicely.

Although she didn’t have it easy, Kenley didn’t give up on her dream and has made a 15-piece recession-friendly collection inspired by Amelia Earhart for Spring 2010 Fashion Week.

Here are some of the designs from the collection:

and some of her lovely headpieces:

To find out more about Kenley and her designs go to:

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