Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cluj Napoca Fashion Week- Update

There are some novelties concerning the Cluj Napoca Fashion Week.

As already mentioned collections will be shown for autumn/ winter 2010-2011. The novelty was that this time the Romanian Fashion Week would go international by incorporating designers from Austria, Hungary and Poland. Well, it went further then that. The most recent news is that designers from France, Greece, Turkey, Italy and South-Korea will participate as well.

It is starting to get really interesting :).

Also it seems that the shows will now be organized at the Grand Hotel Napoca and will be paired with photo exhibits, live music and theater, thus creating a multicolored artistic manifestation.

Fashion Week also aims to bring homage to the recently deceased Alexander McQueen (for the article I wrote about him not to long ago check out

For the released shedule of CNFW you can check out the picture posted above or go to the CNFW homepage: (The website will be updated with more details.)

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