Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Design Your Heart Out

Project Runway Season 7, Episode 4

This time around the challenge was pretty literal: the designers had to work with women who had been impacted by heart disease to create the perfect gala dress for the Annual Red Dress Awards. The color to be used was red, so we got to see a bunch of red dresses and "compare oranges to oranges" as Maya said.

I wasn't very impressed by any of the designs but it was very exciting to see Georgina Chapman as a guest judge. She is simply glamorous.

Jesus got kicked off, which, having in view that he was constantly in the bottom three since he started on Project Runway, was no surprise.

The winner was Amy, her dress was kind of blah, but I was just happy that Mila's sports inspired start dress didn't win, because after her horrendous coat winning this would have really been the tip of the iceberg. At least Amy's dress was a gala gown.

Maya made a dress that, as Georgina Chapman said, I knew I shouldn't like yet something kept drawing me to it. And the adorable Anna Lynett got into trouble for making a, well, weird looking dress that didn't quite fit her client. I'm guessing she will get the ax sometime in the near future.

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