Friday, February 12, 2010

Great Ideas for Great Hair

I was surfing the web for something to do with my long hair, that I would never want to cut, but I would still like a change now and then...

I don't have the patience nor the time to spend hours in front of the mirror so I needed some ideas for quick and easy hairdos that look effortless yet classy and would be ideal for everyday wear.

Now there are a ton of videos on you tube that you can watch on how to do your hair...most of them are a serious waste of time.

But then I found some videos by Johnny Lavoy from Ford Artists and some of his videos were very helpful. It does depend on your style what you like to do with your long hair, but I found his videos are very versatile and you will probably find something that suits your style.

My favorite was the elegant holiday hair, although I plan to wear my hair like that loong before the holidays. Here is a short presentation of what this hairstyle is all about. First you put the hair up in a pony tail, then you take a black ribbon (approx. 2 yards) and slip it through the elastic. Next braid the hair with the ribbon, so that the ribbon is showing. Then secure the end with another elastic. You take the end of the hair and turn it to a bun. You secure the bun with some pins. then you can tie the two ends of the ribbon into a bow and secure it with some pins.

And you are done! Nice, right?

Another one of my favorites is even more simple to do. Its about making a simple ponytail modern. All you need is an elastic and a headband with a scarf on it.
You tease the hair for texture and volume, drag it over to the side, secure it, put on the headband and thy the scarf around the elastic. You are done!

If you want to see the videos check out my video bar. Enjoy!

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