Friday, February 5, 2010

The Highs and Lows of Fashion

Project Runway Season 7, Episode 3

Ping finally got eliminated! Sorry to spoil this for you right at the beginning but I was just so happy that I had to share this with the world.

This challenge was about fashion icons, the designer went to the MET where they saw couture gowns that made history and had to create high end signature looks that would fit in with the ones they saw.

This was also season 7s first team challenge. Which made it especially interesting for the person working with Ping, that was Jesse. It was pretty interesting to watch how they worked together, also it was extremely interesting to see how delusional and sure of herself Ping was and how assertive she tried to be as a leader, which she stressed that she was, all the while managing to loose her sketch book and money.

Surprise, surprise, Tim told the designers on the second day of the challenge that they had to do a second look for less inspired by another teams design, which led to an air of despair spreading in the room...

The end result? Anthony managed to make a horrifying puffy feather dress...his idea might have been good but the execution just did not match it. I loved Emilio's design, however. Very wearable and feminine.

Mila managed to win with a coat I failed to understand. How was that oversized sports coat made of eveningwear fabric glamorous? or even remotely beautiful? If fashion forward means something that is incomprehensible to most, then it was definitely fashion forward. Otherwise it was just weird.

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