Friday, February 19, 2010

Jewelry made of semiprecious stones

Diamonds may be a girls best friend but semiprecious stones aren't bad either :)!

For all those jewelry fans out there who just love to have a necklace for every occasion, earrings for every dress, in every possible shape and color, this blog is worth visiting.

You can choose from the many beautiful pieces on the blog or have yours custom made, they are all just one click away.

do you prefer a coral necklace with earrings

or a labradorite masterpiece for a special occasion

or maybe a jade and agate necklace just so it makes you feel like the day you put it on is special :)

I personally love these serpentine and jade combinations with the delicate flower

or maybe you like rodonit



or moukaite

I also love these bookmarks, that I think are just pure genius as a know mothers day is coming up.

I would also like to just show you some of the beautiful earrings I found on this blog.

But since all of these are my favorites, you might want to check out the blog for yourself to find your personal favorites:

You can search by stones, check out the prices and order or ask for something to be custom made for you.

I hope you like the tip. Happy shopping!

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