Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Little Bit of Fashion

Project Runway Season 7 Episode 6

Now here is a challenge I have not seen before.

The designers have to create outfits for little girls between the ages of 5 and nine...and some are more successful the others.

Anthony - created a nice look for the mommy-model and the little girl outfit was just enough to get by on. I was by no means wowed.

Amy's look for the little girl was pretty layered, true, but I actually liked it, and I absolutely loved the little girl when she said that she liked it too and would wear the pieces together because she trusted Amy's fashion sense. The judges didn't seem to pay much attention to her though, although she seemed old enough to know what she likes. The outfit for the model- mom however did totally miss the mark, and landed Amy in the bottom. I think if she had created a short dress out of those semi-circles she cut out it would have had a chance to become something nice. But hey she took a risk, ant that is what the judges like, right?

Ben - I really don't get why he was so "extremely pleased" with his outfits...they looked like they has been lying around in the closet for centuries just gathering dust, waiting to be worn...and they should have never been worn. No color, no life to them what so ever. I would have rather put Ben in the bottom three then Amy.
Snooze all the way!!!

Seth had the winning look. And for once I must say I agree. The little girl was beyond cute and the mom was just wow! I loved the jacket. Michael Kors even said it was the best tailored garment he had seen on the show so far. I would love to own that jacket!

Jessee's looks weren't bad either. I especially liked the mom dress, because it was so slimming. But the little girl dress was a bit messy...but he did a jacket! Wow!!!

Jonathan's outfits were kind of...poofy. The little girls dress wouldn't even have been that horrible, but the mom dress??? Please, not even Victoria Beckham could pull that off.

Maya - blah...enough said.

Mila's little girl; dress was very cute, I would wear that design in different colors. But for a little girl the colors were great. The mom outfit was cool as well. For once I liked her designs.

Emilio - the little girl dress was a total cliche and I am amazed they didnt call him on it. Emilio has kind of just been sliding by since his first win. Time to step it up!

Jay - made the top three and was very confident in his deign. The little girl outfit was pretty,but the mom top looked ...well just weirdly proportioned....

Janeane - got surprise there. The color choices, the design, or lack thereof...they just didn't help her at good by Janeane.

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