Saturday, February 13, 2010

My new designer scrunchy

My mother came by today...ever since I have been heavily pregnant I have been kind of sitting in the house working on different projects (making jewelry, patchwork crib bumpers and bedding sets...I cant really make clothes for myself right now) ...thus the many blog posts.

So my mother was naturally kind of concerned with my pale skin color and convinced me to leave the house and go to the mall nearby, just to look around.

And while we were strolling through the stores, among others my favorite GUARA store, that always lifts my spirit, we slept into a jewelry store I really like, because they always have great stuff at great prices.

This scrunchy is really stylish, easy to use and just puts a twist on a regular ponytail.

I absolutely love it! The picture really doesnt do it justice.

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