Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Oversized Jewelry

Provided you have read one of my previous articles about Spring Fashion 2010 or have browsed several fashion blogs you already know that one of the most important trends this season is ovrsized jewelry.

But as it is not a new trend you can update your wardrobe by using things you already own.
This is how I came across this necklace I absolutely love. I purchased it a few years back from Meli Melo and it is perfect for this season, not only due to its size but also due to its color, as icy blue is also in.

Another possibility is to make your jewelry yourself. It is actually not hard to do, all you need is some beads from your local hobby and arts store. It will not only be much cheaper but it will also be one of a kind.
This is what I made for myself:

Or if you are not so artsy-crafty yourself you can always ask one of your friends who loves to make her own jewelry to help you out.
This is what one of my friends did for me:

Have fun updating your jewelry!

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