Friday, February 5, 2010

Rachel Zoe

"Any reason to dress up is reasonable." (Rachel Zoe)

Stylist-to-the-stars Rachel Zoe has become a well known star herself since her reality show "The Rachel Zoe Project" hit the air.

It was obviously a success as they decided to renew it for a second and third season as well.

I have to say I watch it just to be able to see all of those wonderful clothes. I could seriously put it on mute and just stare at the clothes. I guess that is probably the one sentiment I share with Rachel: it just makes me happy to see those masterpieces.

Rachel gets to do, and be paid very well for, what most of us just dream of...she gets to play princess in fairyland and dress up with unimaginably expensive clothes day in and day out.

Although I don't care much for her ridiculously childish vocabulary with all the "love, love, love-s" and "b-a-n-a-n-a-s", and "I die"s I really love Rachel's style, which as she describes it, is vintage, glamorous and very dramatic. "More is more." (Rachel Zoe)

Rachel is just as glamorous as her famous clients. She dressed starlets such as: Cameron Diaz, Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton, Nicole Richie, Keira Knightley, Jennifer Graner, Demi Moore, Eva Mendes and Anne Hathaway.

One of her signature looks is the faux-fur which I actually like very much. Of course it helps to look like a hanger when you wear something like this, because these looks tend to make people of normal proportions look pretty big...not flattering at all.

So if you are interested in seeing how red carpet looks come together and getting a sneak peak at endlessly gorgeous gowns, oversized jewelry and many many vintage stores (which I love) then check out Rachel Zoe's show, the ultimate go to show for your glamour-fix.

In closing, here are two of my favorite Rachel Zoe looks:

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