Monday, February 15, 2010

Run for Cover!

Project Runway Season 7, Episode 5

As we are used to it already the title of the episode is quite literal.
The challenge was to design an outfit for the cover of the April Issue of Marie Claire Magazine and Heidi Klum will be wearing the outfit. Not a bad prize, no wonder the winner won't get to have immunity.

The designers have $150 and one day to create a cover-worthy a result the workroom is as quiet as I have never seen it.

I have to say this is the first episode this season where many of the designers have made a very positive impression on me. I loved Seth Aron's suit, I would have loved to see it on the cover...but it wasn't my decision.

Mila finally managed to screw up, in the eyes of the judges as well, and land in the bottom three...I think it wasn't bad for toning down her "I'm the shit" attitude.

Janeane was no better with her beige nightmare of a dress.

Anna, as expected, was sent home. Her design was really lacking originality, creativity, could buy it at any mall. But I guess she is young and still learning and she has a very sweet personality...

There were however some great designs there, such as Jesse's woven-front short cocktail dress

or Ben's beautifully crafted mini

Emilio's dress wasn't half bad, but I have seen hundreds of similar dresses on magazine covers.

And the winner is: Anthony and his short and tight azure silk cocktail dress with one shoulder strap.

I like it!

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