Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker has had a long and very successful career in acting but without a doubt it was her role as a freelance writer in the HBO television series Sex and the City that propelled her to international stardom, earned her four Golden Globe awards, three SAG Awards and two Emmy awards as well as the status of international fashion icon.

The television show that aired between 1998 and 2004 has proven to be such a success that it resulted in a consecutive movie and a second one being in the works.
Needles to say everybody got carried away by the girls of Sex and the City and women everywhere (some men too) tuned in not only to watch their witty conversations but also what the gals where wearing, especially the star herself, Sarah Jessica Parker.

As a result of her Fashion Icon Status it was but a question of time until she came out with a clothing line of her own.

In March 2007, Parker announced the launch of her own fashion line, Bitten, in partnership with discount clothing chain Steve & Barry's. The line was designed to be affordable and buyer friendly, with clothing items and accessories under $20.
But when the retailer Steve & Barry's went bankrupt it left the Bitten clothing line without a home. Many were interested in what would happen and hoped that the budget line would be brought back, but since Sarah Jessica Parker has signed on as a fashion designer for Halston and according to Women's Wear Daily she will become president and chief creative officer of Halston Heritage, a line inspired by vintage Halston looks, it appears unlikely that Bitten would be revived. As she wore several Halston dresses during the filming of Sex and the City 2, that are already available at Neiman Marcus she seems to be rather concentrated on promoting the new line, rather then returning to her discount line Bitten.

As an addition to her own clothing Parker released her own perfume in 2005, called "Lovely". Following the enormous success of "Lovely," Parker released her second fragrance "Covet". In 2009, as part of the "Lovely" collection, Parker launched a series of three new fragrances called "Dawn", "Endless" and "Twilight".

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