Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Tutu

Once upon a time, about 150 years ago, the ballerina was born. She came to life by starting to dance on her toes and soon after she realized she needed something appropriate for her calling to cover herself with...thus the tutu was created.

At first the tutu was a skirt above the ankles, that was very light, thus allowing the dancers to move easily, while at the same time making their complicated footwork visible to the audience.

The first tutu is often attributed to the famous virtuoso ballerina Marie Taglioni. The tutus worn by Taglioni were often cut to below the knee to reveal the intricacies of her famous legwork.

The tutu, as it happens with clothes, evolved and resulted in two basic styles: the the long romantic tutu (or Juliet style version) and the shorter, more provocative one (the Classic tutu).

The tutus worn by Taglioni were often cut to below the knee to reveal the intricacies of her ffamous legwork. These romantic tutus were delicate, feminine and were made of material that allowed Taglioni to move freely.

The romantic tutu is still made to be long and flowing, giving the ballerina an ethereal appearance.

As ballet continued to become more popular the tutu shrank.

The style of tutu commonly referred to as “classic” is a short, stiff skirt exposing the ballerinas legs entirely.

The success of the tutu went from one stage to the other: that is from the theater straight to the thruway. In 2009 the tutu skirt was brought back to life outside the theater being present in such runway shows as that of Vivienne Westwood:

Rei Kawakubo

Anne Valerie Hash

or Erin Fetherston

who sent ballerina after ballerina down the runway, dressed in the prettiest tutu-inspired dresses imaginable.

The popularity of the tutu continued to grow with stars as well. Style icons like Sarah Jessica Parker wearing it on Sex and the City

as well as on the red carpet

not even edgy artists like Avril Lavigne or Rhianna dint shy away from the tutu

Other stars like Halley Berry chose to dress their adorable daughters in a pretty tutu skirt.

So now you know: the tutu doesn't only belong on stage but in every day life to. You can by a tutu from H&M or check out one of the tutorials below on how to make a tutu yourself.

Do It Yourself:


TUTU Crazy

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