Friday, February 26, 2010

Varga Kinga

I have been trying to find out more about Romanian designers, as information about world renowned designers is easy to find on the web but our country, although I have found that it has some very talented designers, is hardly represented on the international scene.
This is how I came across Varga Kinga, a designer that specializes in, what do you know?, knitwear!

Born in Satu-Mare she was exposed to working with knitwear early on as hear father had an atelier that specialized in such works. She presently resides in Bucharest.

Her collections are ready-to-wear and aim to satisfy the needs of dynamic and nonconformist women. Comfort is a must!

Her first collection
"Who's Who" was created mainly for her license degree and was presented at the Muzeul Sticlarilor in Bucharest. Her following collections- "Blooming", "Scent of pirates", "Baby Doll" - continued to impress.
The "Baby Doll" collection, featuring a lot of silk, vail, lace and hand sewn appliques, landed her the first prize at the Cluj Napoca fashion festival.

"Blooming" feautures knittwear, satin dresses, silk belts paired with daring shooes and copper accesories.

"Scent of pirates" is a collection inspired by freedom, notion that the designer associated with pirate stories. What is interesting about this collection is that it combines knittwear with such materials as tulle.

Her creations are above all feminine and confortable at the same time, accentuating the womans shape and giving her a quirky girlie look at the same time.

Her designes can be purchased at the following retailers: DADA, Zebra Society, Now & Wow, Vanilla and Only.

Here are some of her designs from her Luxury line: Unique

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