Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Shrug

There are several projects I am working on for revamping my closet, this is one of them...partially finished.

I took one of my pregnancy blouses and used it as a base material. The end result should be a shrug and a tiered dress. For now I have the shrug ready and I wanted to share as I am very happy with the end result. Once I am done with the dress as well I will show you how it looks on me.

These are my materials I have used: my knit pregnancy blouse, black and white satin.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

and my end result:

Be back with an update on the final look!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Nicole Richie

I have long wanted to do an article on Nicole Richie as part of my Style Icon series, but recently another thought has come to mind: it is quite hard to not also have in view the style evolution that she has went through (quite spectacular). So I decided to start a new line of articles focusing on the style evolution of several high profile style icons, this being the first.

Richie has undergone a spectacular transformation, some will even argue that plastic surgery was also a factor... True or not, Richie has made some undeniable changes herself...after a battle with bulimia she managed to reach a healthy and if I might add enviable weight, traded her multicolored locks for a stylish blond do and her hooker-clothes for tasteful outfits.

Remember the good old Paris infested Simple life days?

Well they are no more ...and although Paris managed not to show any evolution since then, Nicole has long become a real lady.

Rumor on the street is that stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe had a lot to do with the change in Richie's Style (and weight) and if you take into consideration that both have a boho-chic/ hippie look going on it doesn't seem so far fetched at all.

Zoe influence or not, Nicole looks marvelous and her new dark do isnt to shabby either.

Nicole Richie's style evolution










Thursday, March 25, 2010

Small change, Big difference

Continuing with my project of revamping my closet I just made some small tweaks and changes to one of my pregnancy blouses and am very happy with the result.
The first picture is of the original blouse, you can see the shape of the blouse, bell shape, the material as it widens towards the bottom of the blouse...I was quite sick of this shape as this is the shape of all of my pregnancy blouses and I had no option of wearing anything else for the past I decided to change the shape of the blouse by using some elastic and giving it a baby-doll look. That is what you can see on the second picture.
The whole change took less then 20 minutes and I am very happy with the result.
The change process:

original shape

cut off the binders

add the elastic


Sunday, March 21, 2010

My patchwork dress

I wrote some time ago an article about the patchwork dress ( and mentioned that I couldn`t wait to make my own.
Well the opportunity has presented itself now that I am refashioning just about everything I have in my closet!
I had this (size 2!- will never ever fit my cleavage area ever again!!!) little black dress since for ever and I like it very much as it could be worn both as casual and you could also dress it up...but now it just wouldn`t fit me so I decided to restyle it so that I could keep wearing it in the future.
I decided to use a pillow case that I bought in a thrift shop to reach my goal.

This is my little black dress and the pillow case I was about to cut up in order to refashion it.

The tools that I have used...

I started by measuring and cutting 3 stripes from the pillowcase material: 2 for the sides of the dress and 1 (10 cm wide) for the bottom. The stripes for the side widen at the bottom (6cm to 10 cm).

I opened up the dress on the sides and pinned in the side-stripes
then sew the materials together on the inside so you don`t see the seams

added the material for the bottom and did the same thing.

My end result! Like it?

Have you made any patchwork dresses of your own? I would love to see them!

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Zoe Report

This is not the first time I have written about Rachel Zoe, I have written about her and her reality show, "The Rachel Zoe Project", in one of my February Fashion Icons posts.

This time however I would like to mention her website, that I have found very interesting. Although her manner drives me up the wall I really like her style and so I took a look at what she has on her web page.

Next to the many styling tips on how to wear different outfits, how to get her look, where to buy certain items and so on, you also have the opportunity to sign up for the Zoe Report, that is you can get "free daily glamour to your inbox". You also get asked whether you would like to hear about accessories, shoes, handbags, beauty, apparel or lifestyle.

I have just signed up and am exited to see what will be coming my way. If you would like to do the same or just check out what she has to say on different subjects you can visit . Have fun, I will keep you posted on the Zoe Report.

Rent The Runway

Ever dream of wearing couture designers pieces, dressing up like only Hollywood stars can afford to, and then banished the thought from your mind as the likelihood of that happening is as good as non existent?

Well two college graduate girlfriends want to make such dreams possible. They are hoping to make high-end fashion much more accessible and almost as easy as renting a movie.

Rent the Runway is a new way to get couture pieces for a fraction of the cost. You can rent runway outfits for $50 to $200 for a four-night period. They get shipped directly to your doorstep. After wearing the dress, you can put it into a prepaid envelope and drop it in the mail. Dry cleaning is included in the price, but damage insurance costs $5, and in the case of destruction of the dress, the renter has to pay the full retail price.

The clothes are up to size 10, so that is a bit limiting for the customers, but hey, it is still more then was available just a little while ago, and there is no telling how large this business will become, especially having the economic conditions in view.

So visit browse through the designers and find your high-end dress ASAP.

Happy hunting!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Paris Fashion Week

Women and fashion critics alike have been complaining about the skinny, hanger-like models, who look nothing like the real women out there, walking the runways and defining our style.

There is diversity on the runway as far as race and color are concerned but size seems to be a non-negotiable. Designers, like Karl Lagerfeld have even gone so far as to say that "nobody wants to see round women".

Well guess what Karl Lagerfeld, women are round and they are everywhere...hanger-like waifs are much harder to spot on the street and will be less likely the majority of the people buying the clothes that translate from to runway to retailers.

However - thankfully- not all designers out there are sizeist Lagerfelds, and someone decided to so something about the one-sided-ness on the runway. That person was non other then Marc Jacobs. For the first time ever he made models with curvier figures than traditional catwalk models- such as Adriana Lima- welcome at Paris Fashion Week.

A novelty was also the age of the models walking the runway, as models in their late 20s are already considered to be close to retirement, yet Lima and her fellow Victoria's Secret regular Alessandra Ambrosio, both in their late 20s, graced the runway... as did the fabulous 46year old Elle Macpherson.

“Designers are always saying they’re going to do a collection for women, but then every girl on the runway (catwalk) is under twenty.” Jacobs said. “I wanted a variety of ages and sizes. We set out to cast gorgeous women, women who feel happy to put their make-up on, get dressed up, get all their accessories.”

As for the collection, nothing presented on the runway appeared expensive or high end- luxury being what Marc Jacobs became known for. It was rather an attempt to take a step toward accessible.

“It’s a bit old-fashioned, I know, but I think it’s nice for a change.”

Here are two of my favorite looks from the Louis Vuitton autumn/winter 2010/11 collection

you can view the entire Louis Vuitton autumn/winter 2010/11 collection on:,8886

Cleaning out my closet

As you could see from my recent post I finally gave birth to my little has been 10 days since then and I suddenly felt an irresistible urge to reevaluate my wardrobe that has consisted of nothing but maternity wear (which, quite frankly I was getting more then tired of) in the last five or six months.

So as a first step I decided to throw out everything I had in my closet just to see what I would keep, what I would give away and what can be reused and restyled for my new "condition."

Now ten days postpartum you can imagine that most of my clothes won't fit me...but there are a few that already do. There are also a few I know I am never ever going to wear in the form they are in today. But they have great potential for being refashioned and customized to my newfound needs.

I will keep you updated on the transformation as I re-cut and sew my old clothes into exciting new outfits.

That fast as I start to loose that baby weight and as much as my son will allow me to spend time on this project.

He has been an angel so I guess time shouldn't really be a problem.

I'll be back with updates. Until then, happy blogging!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Hello bloggers out there!

Sorry for being out this much... but I have a pretty good excuse: I finally gave birth to my son.

My last post about Sienna Miller came just minutes before I went into labor (so you see I don't miss any chance to write). Three hours and forty minutes later my son was born.

I never thought that I could love somebody this much from the very first moment I saw him....he is just perfect.

This is a photo of him 5 hours after birth

and this is in the hospital "chillin"

and these are our first minutes at home

I love being a mother!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sienna Miller

Whether its casual chic or red carpet glamour Sienna Miller seems to do it flawlessly.

The New York born English model turned actress, turned fashion designer is well known all around the world not only for her blockbuster movies but also her keen fashion style that has turned her into an international style icon.

In 2006 Miller started her design career by designing for Pepe Jeans; the project later became a complete fashion label called Twenty8Twelve, receiving its name from Miller's date of birth.

It is financially backed by Pepe Jeans.

The collection, was designed together with Millers sister Savannah, a professional fashion designer. It was launched in September 2007.

The line pretty much reflects Siennas personal boho chic style.

The clothes are both cute and funky.

Here are some of her designs from the S
pring- Summer 2010 line.
By the
look of thing
s denim is back.