Sunday, March 21, 2010

My patchwork dress

I wrote some time ago an article about the patchwork dress ( and mentioned that I couldn`t wait to make my own.
Well the opportunity has presented itself now that I am refashioning just about everything I have in my closet!
I had this (size 2!- will never ever fit my cleavage area ever again!!!) little black dress since for ever and I like it very much as it could be worn both as casual and you could also dress it up...but now it just wouldn`t fit me so I decided to restyle it so that I could keep wearing it in the future.
I decided to use a pillow case that I bought in a thrift shop to reach my goal.

This is my little black dress and the pillow case I was about to cut up in order to refashion it.

The tools that I have used...

I started by measuring and cutting 3 stripes from the pillowcase material: 2 for the sides of the dress and 1 (10 cm wide) for the bottom. The stripes for the side widen at the bottom (6cm to 10 cm).

I opened up the dress on the sides and pinned in the side-stripes
then sew the materials together on the inside so you don`t see the seams

added the material for the bottom and did the same thing.

My end result! Like it?

Have you made any patchwork dresses of your own? I would love to see them!

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