Monday, March 29, 2010

Nicole Richie

I have long wanted to do an article on Nicole Richie as part of my Style Icon series, but recently another thought has come to mind: it is quite hard to not also have in view the style evolution that she has went through (quite spectacular). So I decided to start a new line of articles focusing on the style evolution of several high profile style icons, this being the first.

Richie has undergone a spectacular transformation, some will even argue that plastic surgery was also a factor... True or not, Richie has made some undeniable changes herself...after a battle with bulimia she managed to reach a healthy and if I might add enviable weight, traded her multicolored locks for a stylish blond do and her hooker-clothes for tasteful outfits.

Remember the good old Paris infested Simple life days?

Well they are no more ...and although Paris managed not to show any evolution since then, Nicole has long become a real lady.

Rumor on the street is that stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe had a lot to do with the change in Richie's Style (and weight) and if you take into consideration that both have a boho-chic/ hippie look going on it doesn't seem so far fetched at all.

Zoe influence or not, Nicole looks marvelous and her new dark do isnt to shabby either.

Nicole Richie's style evolution










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