Saturday, March 13, 2010

Paris Fashion Week

Women and fashion critics alike have been complaining about the skinny, hanger-like models, who look nothing like the real women out there, walking the runways and defining our style.

There is diversity on the runway as far as race and color are concerned but size seems to be a non-negotiable. Designers, like Karl Lagerfeld have even gone so far as to say that "nobody wants to see round women".

Well guess what Karl Lagerfeld, women are round and they are everywhere...hanger-like waifs are much harder to spot on the street and will be less likely the majority of the people buying the clothes that translate from to runway to retailers.

However - thankfully- not all designers out there are sizeist Lagerfelds, and someone decided to so something about the one-sided-ness on the runway. That person was non other then Marc Jacobs. For the first time ever he made models with curvier figures than traditional catwalk models- such as Adriana Lima- welcome at Paris Fashion Week.

A novelty was also the age of the models walking the runway, as models in their late 20s are already considered to be close to retirement, yet Lima and her fellow Victoria's Secret regular Alessandra Ambrosio, both in their late 20s, graced the runway... as did the fabulous 46year old Elle Macpherson.

“Designers are always saying they’re going to do a collection for women, but then every girl on the runway (catwalk) is under twenty.” Jacobs said. “I wanted a variety of ages and sizes. We set out to cast gorgeous women, women who feel happy to put their make-up on, get dressed up, get all their accessories.”

As for the collection, nothing presented on the runway appeared expensive or high end- luxury being what Marc Jacobs became known for. It was rather an attempt to take a step toward accessible.

“It’s a bit old-fashioned, I know, but I think it’s nice for a change.”

Here are two of my favorite looks from the Louis Vuitton autumn/winter 2010/11 collection

you can view the entire Louis Vuitton autumn/winter 2010/11 collection on:,8886

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