Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shoe overload

Haven't had the time to shop lately, being a new mom and all, so today I went kinda overboard and bought two pairs of shoes at once.

But I guess its okay since I spent the money I got for my birthday on them. :)

Black for the everyday girl and pink for the kookier days :).

(By the way, now I have to make me some pink tops to go with the's gonna be mighty fun)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


My materials:

green and white striped fabric

white lace


I cut out two identical square pieces of fabric for the front and back, hemmed them and attached the white lace

then I attached the elastic, sew the right sides together

and there you go:

I am pretty happy with the result! What do you think?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

White Satin Top

This white satin top is my newest creation and I am extremely proud of it as it took less the an hour to make and the result was unexpectedly nice.

I had this material laying around for quite some time now and after finally making my own dress form today I decided to make a top out of it with the help of my newly created dress form.

this is my material and the top that inspired me. However I decided to give my new top a twist through the bow on the side.

This is the blouse as I pinned it together on the dress form

and this is my end result

Not bad for an hours work if I say so myself!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Black-and-Brown Tunic

...another project modeled by my sister.

I found this wonderfully interesting silk at my favorite thrift shop

and decided to make a tunic out of it.

My work in progress

and you can see the result at the top of the page!

Tutu Tulle Skirt

This was the most fun project I have had in a long time. My sister's birthday is coming up so she asked me to make a tutu skirt for her so she could were it to her sweet sixteen.

She chose the tulle herself, since it was to be worn by her and I didn't want to make any of the choices alone. What we ended up with was lilac, white and black.

Originally she wanted pink and black but the choices were kind of we settle on this.

If you are thinking about making a tutu skirt yourself these are the materials you will need:

  • 6 meters of tulle (2 meters in each color)
  • a wide black elastic band
It is real easy to do. You just cut stripes in the length you would like to have the skirt in, I cut them so that the lilac on top would be the shortest, the white a bit longer and the black on the bottom the longest.

This is the skirt just before assembly

this is me sowing away (my sister took the picture)

and this is what my sister ended up with

She likes it very much, its fun, young and the most appropriate for a sweet sixteen.

Have fun making your own!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hair Affair - the BOHO BRAID

Every woman feels the need to change her hair once in a while, even if it is nothing drastic, maybe just a different do to brighten the day.

Then again desper
ate times call for desperate measures...women tend to make huge changes when something out of the ordinary happens in their lives (usually not good things though, just think back to Britney shaving her head).

Whichever category you may fall into (I like making small changes, drastic new does have always made me cry, so I learned my lesson.) whether you like to just make a small change or really turn up the volume there are plenty of hairstyle for you to chose from.

But today I would like to focus on one
of my personal favorites, real easy to do, takes but a few minutes and makes for great styling with an everyday casual look: the BOHO BRAID!

and although I said everyday a
nd casual many stars have worn it proudly not only on the street running their errands but on the red carpet paired with the most glamorous gowns as well.

Here are some examples of stars and ways to wear the
Boho Braid.


Lauren Conrad

Mary-Kate Olsen

Nicole Richie

Rachel McAdams

Sienna Miller

For more on "How To Create Boho Braids" visit

or watch:

Happy braiding!

Bucharest Fashion Week 2010

Cluj Napoca Fashion Week is hardly over and the Romanian design world is already preparing for its next big event: Bucharest Fashion Week 2010.

The highly anticipated event will take place between the 30th of April and May 2nd, presenting the creation of such resonant names as Catalin BOTEZATU, Romaniţa IOVAN, Mihai ALBU, Zina DUMITRESCU, Clara ROTESCU and Laura OLTEANU.

There will also be no lack of young talent on the catwalk to complete the show.

The shows will also feature internationally acclaimed models, a premiere at Bucharest Fashion Week.

Bucharest Fashion Week 2010 will be held at the World Trade Center joining the ranks of such shows as Paris, Milan and London Fashion Week. It will also be aired on Fashion tv in close to 200 countries. So the people who won't be able to take in the glamor on site will still be able to watch the shows and admire the collections.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Cluj Napoca Fashion Week - Update

For more information about the shows check out Diane Pernet's blog:

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Abodi Dóra at Cluj Napoca Fashion Week

Another new designer presenting at Cluj Napoca Fashion Week was Abodi Dóra. And since I especially loved her 2009/2010 FW collection I decided to take some time and write about her.

Although originally from Romania, Cluj Napoca, the designer left the country in 1989, after the revolution, to start a new life with her parents in Hungary.

She studied law only to return to her original passion- fashion, studying at the french Mod'Art school for fashion design in Budapest.

She created her own label in 2008, focusing on womenswear design and accessories. She showed her first collection "Clandestine " in 2009 for 2009/2010 FW and I have to say it is my favorite collection thus far.

Bags from the same collection:

Her S/S 2010 collection pretty much keeps in tone with the tendencies for this season, skin tones, muted colors, feminine shapes. I especially like the following pieces:

Her 2010/1022 FW collection is far edgier I find! You can check it out on her homepage:

Abodi Dóra is definitely a promising new designer to watch out for. I'm looking forward to seeing what she comes up with next.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Cluj Napoca Fashion Week - Ada Bucşă

Unfortunately I didn't get to make it to the CNFW but that doesn't stop me from reading and writing about it.

I was especially interested in what Romanian designers have to show, so I am going to follow, as much as possible the creations that will be shown at the newly renovated Napoca Hotel.

One of the shows that have already caused controversy was that of Ada Bucşă. The designer
Ada Bucşă, 21 years old, is a fashion design student at the „Lucian Blaga” University from Sibiu and the only one representing this city at FW. Her autumn- winter 2010 collection was meant to be haute couture, inspired by war, past and future. She managed to create some very futuristic garments that left the 500 people sitting in the audience gasping for air.

Especially "interesting" were the 8 inch heeled shoes, wrapped in wire, that the models tried their best to strut in (you can see them above). If the designer meant to leave a lasting impression and create controversy she sure managed to do that. Clown clothes meet Star Treck would possibly be one way to describe the garments presented. But as I have only seen them from photos I will try to keep the judging to a minimum.

The „New World`s Order ” collection brought the red cross, camouflage and wire masks to the runway. The designer stated that it was her intention to shock as she sees this as the only possibility of drawing attention as a new designer. She also mentioned that she wanted to emphasize the strong and independent women. Quite frankly I have heard this line one to many times and I see in these garments nothing that would even remotely relate to anything feminine, be that as strong and independent as possible.

But as she sees this as only the beginning we will at least have something to talk about, and seeing as how this was her goal she succeeded masterfully in reaching it.

The reviews were as controversial as the show itself. Some welcomed the controversy others, I really want to stress the fact that I side with the others, just saw it as pushing the envelope, quite gracelessly if I might ad.

The famous fashion blogger Diane Pernet mentioned that the show was inspired by Alexander McQueen's creations, and as the entire Fashion Week was dedicated to his memory I can see how that makes sense. But that is about the only thing that has made sense as far as I can tell.

Cluj Napoca Fashion Week continues tonight from 20.00 at the Napoca Hotel, the following designer presenting their collections on the catwalk George Neagu, Vika Gorenco, Ioana Covalcic and Choi Boko, from Coreea.


Patchwork shirt

My latest project was revamping a black shirt that I absolutely loved, but that doesn't fit my post-pregnancy body.
So I decided to make it bigger, better and more colorful!
I used two materials I had previously purchased in my favorite thrift shop.
This is my shirt on the left before I took it apart and the materials I used to remake it.

This is the work in progress, the new patchwork front of my shirt as I was building it:

and this is my end result.

I am quite pleased with it and cant wait to wear it with my favorite pair of jeans.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

LBD with a twist

Continuing my closet refashioning project- update!

As I have previously mentioned I'm cutting up most of my pregnancy blouses and clothes that don't fit me anymore and making them into something new.

This black lace I have had for some time and I decided to turn it into a LBD with a twist.
I bought some nude stretch fabric for an undergarment and decided to make this double layered dress. The black lace is elastic as well.

The stretch was very hard to work with and my sowing machine isn't particularly suited to work with such a material. It kind of has a mind of its own and moves the way it wants to. So I ended up doing some hand stitching as I didn't dare risk using the machine for certain finer touches.

However the end result is pretty nice, I think. I wore the dress here with a large black cardigan and one of my favorite accessories, the beige flower brooch.

Here are my materials: the black lace and the nude stretch

and my end result