Friday, April 16, 2010

Cluj Napoca Fashion Week - Ada Bucşă

Unfortunately I didn't get to make it to the CNFW but that doesn't stop me from reading and writing about it.

I was especially interested in what Romanian designers have to show, so I am going to follow, as much as possible the creations that will be shown at the newly renovated Napoca Hotel.

One of the shows that have already caused controversy was that of Ada Bucşă. The designer
Ada Bucşă, 21 years old, is a fashion design student at the „Lucian Blaga” University from Sibiu and the only one representing this city at FW. Her autumn- winter 2010 collection was meant to be haute couture, inspired by war, past and future. She managed to create some very futuristic garments that left the 500 people sitting in the audience gasping for air.

Especially "interesting" were the 8 inch heeled shoes, wrapped in wire, that the models tried their best to strut in (you can see them above). If the designer meant to leave a lasting impression and create controversy she sure managed to do that. Clown clothes meet Star Treck would possibly be one way to describe the garments presented. But as I have only seen them from photos I will try to keep the judging to a minimum.

The „New World`s Order ” collection brought the red cross, camouflage and wire masks to the runway. The designer stated that it was her intention to shock as she sees this as the only possibility of drawing attention as a new designer. She also mentioned that she wanted to emphasize the strong and independent women. Quite frankly I have heard this line one to many times and I see in these garments nothing that would even remotely relate to anything feminine, be that as strong and independent as possible.

But as she sees this as only the beginning we will at least have something to talk about, and seeing as how this was her goal she succeeded masterfully in reaching it.

The reviews were as controversial as the show itself. Some welcomed the controversy others, I really want to stress the fact that I side with the others, just saw it as pushing the envelope, quite gracelessly if I might ad.

The famous fashion blogger Diane Pernet mentioned that the show was inspired by Alexander McQueen's creations, and as the entire Fashion Week was dedicated to his memory I can see how that makes sense. But that is about the only thing that has made sense as far as I can tell.

Cluj Napoca Fashion Week continues tonight from 20.00 at the Napoca Hotel, the following designer presenting their collections on the catwalk George Neagu, Vika Gorenco, Ioana Covalcic and Choi Boko, from Coreea.


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