Thursday, April 1, 2010

LBD with a twist

Continuing my closet refashioning project- update!

As I have previously mentioned I'm cutting up most of my pregnancy blouses and clothes that don't fit me anymore and making them into something new.

This black lace I have had for some time and I decided to turn it into a LBD with a twist.
I bought some nude stretch fabric for an undergarment and decided to make this double layered dress. The black lace is elastic as well.

The stretch was very hard to work with and my sowing machine isn't particularly suited to work with such a material. It kind of has a mind of its own and moves the way it wants to. So I ended up doing some hand stitching as I didn't dare risk using the machine for certain finer touches.

However the end result is pretty nice, I think. I wore the dress here with a large black cardigan and one of my favorite accessories, the beige flower brooch.

Here are my materials: the black lace and the nude stretch

and my end result

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