Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tutu Tulle Skirt

This was the most fun project I have had in a long time. My sister's birthday is coming up so she asked me to make a tutu skirt for her so she could were it to her sweet sixteen.

She chose the tulle herself, since it was to be worn by her and I didn't want to make any of the choices alone. What we ended up with was lilac, white and black.

Originally she wanted pink and black but the choices were kind of we settle on this.

If you are thinking about making a tutu skirt yourself these are the materials you will need:

  • 6 meters of tulle (2 meters in each color)
  • a wide black elastic band
It is real easy to do. You just cut stripes in the length you would like to have the skirt in, I cut them so that the lilac on top would be the shortest, the white a bit longer and the black on the bottom the longest.

This is the skirt just before assembly

this is me sowing away (my sister took the picture)

and this is what my sister ended up with

She likes it very much, its fun, young and the most appropriate for a sweet sixteen.

Have fun making your own!

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