Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bubble Dress Update


I ended up making some changes to my bubble dress in the end. I absolutely loved the bottom part but the top was not my best today I took it apart, kept the bottom but scraped the top part and made a totally new one. I am quite happy with it.

It looks best paired with my black-and-white patent pleather belt.

Here is the dress without the belt

and me and my son ready to go out for our Sunday afternoon walk.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

All new Bubble-Dress

I had a dress that I just loooved.... and wanted to make one just the same.
But as it often happens with me I rethink the design during the process and end up making something totally different in the end. That is kind of the short story of my bubble dress as well.

So I had this dress and it inspired me

I took my materials

and started cutting

pieced the dress together

but then I realized it would look better this way!

And thus the bubble dress was born.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My black shirt gets a face-lift

Another huge shirt that I had I finally got around to restyling.

This was the original shirt

I used a wide elastic band and some fuchsia colored thread to revamp it

Then I measured, marked and cut of the bottom part of the shirt

I used the different types of stitching I had on my sewing machine to add some color to the neckline

and then added the bottom part that I had cut down , by also adding the elastic band, in order to reshape the shirt.

And this is my end result.

Quite nice for 30 minutes of work I think! :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Design & wear your own fashion

For all of you fashionistas out there who love to be as authentic as possible but do not possess the skills or the time to shape in fabric the vision of a garment that you have in your head, this might just be the answer to all of your pairs.

On you have the possibility to choose your fabrics, design your dream garment and have it delivered to you in 10 working days. All it takes is a quick registration on the website and you can already start designing.

You will start by choosing the type of garment you want to create: a dress, a top, a skirt or accessories, then follows the fabric choice.

I chose a forest green cotton fabric for my dress, an empire below bust upper body with a keyhole neckline - as it is the most flattering for me, I find- added fitted ¾ sleeves, an empire waist and an a line pleated skirt part. I also added a detachable long, narrow belt. The result was a nice every day dress, easy to wear and upkeep.

Then I decided to try my hand at something more festive. For this design I chose to combine different colors of silk. For the upper body I went with a slash neckline made of ivory silk, the material I used for the lower part pencil skirt as well. To add a splash of color I chose to add poppy colored long, narrow, detachable belt. The dress is quite simple but elegant.

If you lack inspiration you can check out their online gallery to trigger your imagination

Where you will find such masterpieces as this one. Have fun designing your future outfits!

Monday, May 17, 2010

The bandage dress

Hervé L. Leroux pioneered the creation of the bandage dress, made up of layers of elasticated fabric, woven around like a bandage to create a dress that would mold and shape the wearer's figure by holding in bulges, lifting up the bust and straightening the back.

I personally find the bandage dress to be extremely flattering and feminine and it seems I am not alone.

After its revival in 2007 the bandage dress has been ever present on the red carpet and generally on movie starts everywhere.

Here are some of the stars that have showed of their curves in this flattering garment

Audrina Patridge

Hayden Panettiere

Joss Stone

Leona Lewis

Miranda Kerr

Rachel Bilson

Rachel Weisz

If you are considering making your own bandage dress I have found a tutorial that is pretty helpful:

I consider attempting to make a bandage dress myself in the near future so I will probably be back with an update.

Another blouse revamped

...another one of my pregnancy blouses that I was never going to wear.

The first one is the before picture and the second one is the after picture.

I don't intend to give to many explanations but rather let the pictures speak for themselves.

The original

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5


Friday, May 14, 2010

My new tiered dress

Boy these sowing skills will come in handy if our government keeps cutting those funds! I will end up making all of my clothes myself, maybe some for my family...!

Anyway this is my newest creation. I used an old flower-pattern skirt I haven't worn in a while, some lace, elastic gray material for the base and some elastic for attaching the layers.

First I built the base of the dress from the elastic gray material that I had lying around for a while now.

Then I cut up the skirt into 3 strips of fabric for the layers and attached these to the base of the dress. I used the same material for the straps as well.

The last step was attaching the lace (which was elastic as well) to the dress top...

and here you go: my end result.

Like it?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Romanian Government is paying for its mistakes by taking away childcare

The Romanian Government is planning to reduce childcare from 85% of the cumulative salary for the last year of work to 600 RON (182$) for all mothers, irregardless of the taxes they paid for their earnings.

I usually do not address such topics on my blog but this time I have to make an exception!

As a new mother myself I found it to be an outrage what is happening in our country at the present moment.

We have watched in the past few months how pensions have been cut, how the public educational system and health-care have been reduced to ruins - and its not over yet- and now we are expected to stand by and watch how mothers get their childcare taken away from them and have to raise their children on less then 200$ a month, in addition to paying their bills and mortgage.

The government is changing the rules as they go along. When I paid those huge taxes on my salary nobody seemed to be offended, but now that its time to give back, suddenly we are expecting to much. Even sadder is the fact that there seem to be people siding with this view. Have you no mothers or children of your own? Try and raise a child, or more, on 200$ a month, after having had a decent salary and having paid taxes for much more than that!

I urge all mothers, future mothers or anyone who cares about the future of this country to sign this online petition to maintain the 85%.

Let's not punish our children for the mistakes of government officials who have built castles and bought luxury cars from the taxes we have paid!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

My first pair of pants

...another project with a happy ending.

This is the fist pair of pants I have ever made and they turned out to be quite nice.

Spring is here, although the heat makes it feel more like summer, and I needed a new pair of breeze pants.

I had a pair of green linen pants that I really loved but they were not in a very good condition so I took them apart and used them as a pattern for a new pair that I made out of black linen. The material for the new pair of pants cost me less than 10 $ so it was quite a bargain.

this is the pattern I used on the new material

the new black linen pants cut out

the pockets that I attached before sewing the front and back together

and my end result