Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Romanian Government is paying for its mistakes by taking away childcare

The Romanian Government is planning to reduce childcare from 85% of the cumulative salary for the last year of work to 600 RON (182$) for all mothers, irregardless of the taxes they paid for their earnings.

I usually do not address such topics on my blog but this time I have to make an exception!

As a new mother myself I found it to be an outrage what is happening in our country at the present moment.

We have watched in the past few months how pensions have been cut, how the public educational system and health-care have been reduced to ruins - and its not over yet- and now we are expected to stand by and watch how mothers get their childcare taken away from them and have to raise their children on less then 200$ a month, in addition to paying their bills and mortgage.

The government is changing the rules as they go along. When I paid those huge taxes on my salary nobody seemed to be offended, but now that its time to give back, suddenly we are expecting to much. Even sadder is the fact that there seem to be people siding with this view. Have you no mothers or children of your own? Try and raise a child, or more, on 200$ a month, after having had a decent salary and having paid taxes for much more than that!

I urge all mothers, future mothers or anyone who cares about the future of this country to sign this online petition to maintain the 85%.

Let's not punish our children for the mistakes of government officials who have built castles and bought luxury cars from the taxes we have paid!!!

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