Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Skirts for sale

I have this friend who has the largest closet ever...and still not enough room for all her clothes. So I suggested to her that she should try and sell some of them, since she never wears them anymore. I also offered to help her with that, so in the following days I will be posting some clothes for sale.

I decided to start with some wonderful skirts she has. Non of the clothes are new, they have all been worn, but are in excellent to good condition and you will also see that they are at a very reasonable price.

If you would like more details regarding any of the skirts, more pictures or anything else just write me a mail or leave a comment with your e-mail address so I can answer.
Hope you will find something you like! Happy browsing:)!

TOP SHOP skirt, size: 36 (S), Price: 15 RON

AMISU skirt, size: 36 (S), Price: 10 RON

EXE linen skirt, size: 36 (S), Price: 10 RON

VINGINO denim skirt, size: 36 (S), Price: 15 RON

MARTA STYLE linen skirt (local Targu Mures fashion house), size: 36 (S), Price: 15 RON

POM POM skirt, size: 36 (S), Price: 15 RON

French Connection top becomes new dress

Remember the French Connection thrift shop top from my previous post? I told you I would be back with updates on how I was going to use it as a top part of a dress.

Well I have been a busy little bumblebee and am now done with the new dress.

This is the top and the material I used for the skirt

and the finished dress

Shoes I wish I could walk in...

... without breaking my neck

On the wishlist

Thrift Shop Treasures

I went on a thrift shopping spree the last couple of days and I must say I had quite the successful search.

My absolute favorite is this atmosphere dress

which I paired with my mother's leather belt from the 70s

then I found this gorgeous MK silk dress

and this French Connection top which I am going to use as the top part of a dress (will be back with an update on that)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

1 skirt +1 skirt= 1 dress

Continuing with my redesigning projects, here is my newest creation- a long summer dress, that I have made out of two skirts I was no longer wearing

I took the skirts apart and pieced them together so that they would look like a cohesive new piece
and here is my brand new summer dress, ready to be worn out (praying for warm weather :)!)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Out and About

We finally had a nice sunday afternoon and we decided to take full advantage of it by strolling around with my son :). It was also a great occasion to show of my newest acquisition, a pleather-elastic Breshka belt which I am extremely happy that I found, and at a bargain price to.
So all in all it was a nice weekend!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gray lace dress update

I visited my former "hometown" Cluj Napoca, today and took with me the dress for my friend who is living there.

She loved the changes which made me really happy! and will be wearing the dress to a wedding in a couple of weeks.

Here she is wearing the redesigned dress.

What do you think?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Dress alterations for a friend

This might not be the first time I am doing some small changes for a friend but its definitely the first I have documented.
This gray lace dress was a bit too long and much to dowdy so in order to give it a fresher, younger look I cut off some of the length, made it into a bubble dress.

Got rid of the bra-strap looking straps and made new ones.

I think these small changes make all the difference and I hope my friend will be pleased with it as well.

A shirt from way back when

I bought this shirt in my senior year of high school...haven't worn it since, but after making these alterations its time to take it out of the closet again.

All I needed was some:
  • textile paint
  • elastic
  • an iron

(Just make sure the paint dries before you iron it to make the painting permanent!)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cristina Cernei anyone?

The dresses are fabulous, the pictures are sensational...

for many more go to the source :