Sunday, June 13, 2010

A girl has got to read

I have to start with the painful confession that the first time I ever heard about Twilight was on Perez Hilton's gossip blog, while I read about him blasting some actress I had never heard about before who had played in some vampire movie I also had never heard about.
Being from Transylvania myself I have got to say vampires irritate me to the maximum, so watching yet another Hollywood made vampire movie was the furthest thing from my mind. But Kristen Stewart's name kept popping of so often- and Perez seemed to really have it out for her, which made me think I could like this girl- that I decided to watch Twilight.
Now believe it or not the movie actually made me want to read the book- I was convinced it had to be better than the movie.
So on a business trip to Germany in a nice little harbour town in the northern part of the country I bought the first novel of the series, I needed some air plane-literature anyway. It proved a quick read - which is probably part of its appeal- although the writing didn't knock my socks off. The storyline was far from original, take away the vampires and werewolves and all you have left is the classic painfully impossible love story in a teenage environment, where people still believe love is the most important thing of all and still have the luxury of focusing on nothing else. I wasn't impressed but I wasn't turned off by it surprisingly I decided to buy the second book, this time a Hungarian edition.
I read it even faster then the first one..staying up at night, crying at the Bella and Jacob scenes, strangely identifying with Jacobs torment - which I have to say was a whole lot more vivid in my head than it was described on paper- but then again I was seven months pregnant and I could get emotional about French toast as well.
Then the second movie followed and I have to say I enjoyed- as I often do- spotting the similarities and the differences between the book and the movie. Whether the second movie was better than the first one...I honestly don't know. Edward really wasn't as absent as in the book and many many scenes from the book were left out...which I get, seeing as how the movie couldn't be five hours long.
Finally two months ago I bought the third novel. As I started reading it I promised myself I would not buy the forth one of the series, but as I was finishing I realised I would have to read it as well.
Now that made me ask the ultimate question: what's this fascination with the Twilight series anyway? I mean the franchise has clearly outgrown the books, the novels are hardly good enough to make such a grand fuss what is it that keeps teenagers and shocker moms obsessed with this love triangle that the novels are built around.
Now Romeo and Juliet, Heathcliff and Cathy, who are often referenced in the novels, are classics. Meyer can hardly make the claim that her characters are at the same level, and still they have a certain hold on the reader that I couldn't quite put my finger on. That is until it hit me: its the myth of love.
No wonder Meyer chooses legendary figures to act out the story. The kind of love she describes is about as real as the vampires and the werewolves in her novels.
Now Shakespeare and Brontë lived in ages where one could still believe that a guy as chivalrous as Edward still existed and that a guy as fun and reckless as Jacob could be more than immature when it came to owning up to his responsibility.
So maybe these mythological creatures are needed in this day and age to make something as dead as the myth of eternal love come to life.
what do these books have to do with fashion you ask? Well they are as fashionable and as fleeting as any novel can get right now, and above and beyond that a girl has got to read!

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