Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hair affair

I have been contemplating a new hairdo for a while now, but as per usual I chicken out. That might have something to do with the fact that every time I took a leap and tried something new I ended up being horrified, crying for days and just wishing for my old hair back. I somehow reached the conclusion that long hair is safe and dying my hair as close to the original colour as possible is the most sensible thing to do. (after having experimented with the short bob, messy boy-hairdos, blond hair, black hair, red hair...well not exactly in that chronological order).
I guess it would be fun to put together a short history of my many hairdos before trying yet another. I think I will do that in my next post.
For now however I would like to talk about my newest endeavour: trying to find an intriguing yet not too-out-there hairdo by browsing through 2010's newest editions.
First of all I have to say 2010 does not bring anything that hasn't been around the block once already, unless you want to go all Rihanna on your hair, which I don't.

long and wavy à la Cheryl Cole

extra long and wavy à la Miley Cirus

long and straight à la Jennifer Aniston

full bangs à la Zooey Deschanel

side swept bangs à la Cameron Diaz

layered à la Ashley Olsen

short à la Sienna Miller

medium à la Carrie Underwood

blah, blah, blah...

The asymmetrical bob however did have an appeal for the longest time, but going short is just not my thing and a longer bob is quite nice but you have to find the right stylist for the job or they will just mess it up and I will end up at the age old scenario of crying, being angry and hiding my hair until it grows out again.

So I guess until my next post, reminiscing of hairdos past, I will just keep on weighing my options.

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