Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My stylish new clog sandals

When I was a little girl my mother had the most incredible high heeled clogs I had ever seen.
She didn't own many high heeled shoes so wearing them was quite a treat. I used to put them on, and clumsily walk around the house, pose in front of the mirror and pretend I was much older and way prettier.
So you can imagine the rush of memories when I found these shoes at Deichmann. They were the exact same color that my mother used to own, a slightly lower heal, but that's more then fine with me, so I just had to have them and have been wearing them proudly ever since.

Going back in time also got me interested in wooden shoes and how they came to be. This type of footwear, made predominantly of wood, although I mine is more of an imitation, as many modern clogs are, usually has a typically thick sole, and sometimes steel reinforcing.

They are often associated with Holland, as it is a widely known that the Dutch are famous for their klompen (clogs) - miniature clogs are much favored tourist souvenirs from Holland, I have to admit I bought one too, a traditionally blue painted white porcelain clog, when I visited Amsterdam. But clogs do not only look back on a long tradition in Holland, they have histories in England, Spain, France, Sweden and Italy as well.

More interesting for me however is the period when clogs got into fashion, and then made their way to retailers, to my mothers feet and eventually to my own. :)
It was the 1970s and the Swedish clogs were up and coming in the fashion industry. There was a guy named Sandgrens Sven, who had spent the 50s and 60s working for Sandgrens Clogs where he accumulated the experience necessary for creating his label: Ugglebo Toffeln. His clogs unleashed a world wide clog mania that lasted for the following three decades, there were probably no women on the planet (small exaggeration :)) who didn't own at least a pair of clogs.
Sadly after 30 years of success the clogs slowly slipped into oblivion, until 2010 that is!

That's right people, 2010 is the year of the comeback of the clog! Spring 2010 runways brought the clog back into fashion.

Such names as

Louis Vuitton showed clogs on the runway.

Vera Wang got on the band wagon as well with her biker-clog

Michael Kors, the favorite American ready-to-wear designer, was no exception.

So you can image how quickly the clog made its way to department stores- and onto my feet- again.

After the designers celebrities followed suit, the clog quickly went on to be spotted on the pretty little feet of such starts as the Olsen twins, or Rachel Bilson.

Now granted, the clog is a very controversial type of footwear, but I for one am excited for its comeback as it brings back nothing but pleasant childhood memories. And for all of you out there sharing the sentiment happy clog-wearing!

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