Monday, June 7, 2010

A short history of my hair (well the last 5 years anyway)

Unfortunately non of my older pictures are digital so until I scan them I guess I will just have to make do with what I have...I promised a short history of my different hairstyles- in search of a new one- and I must admit I had quite a lot of fun looking at these pictures.
First and foremost I must mention that I was born a brunette...I thought that was the most boring hair color ever, so I couldn't wait to dye it. The first color I ever tried was black

this is several years later but I don't have the original first-black-hair photo scanned yet.

Then I went red...twice!

But the one color each girl wants to have no matter what, at least to try it once is blond!
Now there were several stages to becoming a blond and I had some interesting hair color in the process...which I was not so happy to joke about at the time

my first time trying to go blond

after another dye

in Greece...still blond, the sun helped lighten it

after deciding not do dye my hair blond anymore I went through an awful-looking-hair phase, trying to get back to my natural color

then for a while I had a sort of auburn color...

but in the end I always seemed to be coming back to my original hair color- or as close as possible

and it was sometimes short bangs,

sometimes no bangs

and sometimes really long ones...

so which color do you think looked best on me?

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