Sunday, July 25, 2010

Floral summer dress tutorial

Remember the tutorials I have shared with you from secret life of a bio nerd? Well I decided to put them to good use and make a cute new summer dress for myself, while summer still lasts.

I used two tops that I got from a friend who was no longer wearing them and knew that I like refashioning clothes. They turned out to be the perfect ingredients for my newest project.
These are the tops that I used: a linen tank top and a stretch tube top.

first I started with the linen top

I took it apart and used the bottom part as the skirt part of the dress

then I pinned the tube top to the skirt

and used the scraps left over from the top part of the linen top to create flowers

what I ended up making were 4 yo-yos
I used my rotary cutter and a glass for the shape 

step 1

step 2

step 3

 step 4

 if you want the tutorial for these you can check it out here , but I guess it's pretty obvious how to make them from the photos as well.

For the other flower that I made you can find the tutorial here. Mine is not exactly the same but you can always change it up and have fun with it just to make it your own.

what I did was cut out 18 petals

stack them over each other

sew them together with a long running stitch

 and then pull on the thread

the final product

and a closeup of my flowers

me wearing the dress with my yellow thrifted H&M cardigan

Do you like the dress? Did you find the tutorial to be helpful or inspiring?
Thanks for the feedback. (any feedback!!!)

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