Monday, July 5, 2010

I love Minnie Mouse

One of the perks of being a child are Sunday morning cartoons. You get to sit there with your bowl of cereal or home made sandwich- improvised from whatever your mother could find in the kitchen- and on this one day a week you get to eat in bed while watching your favourite cartoons.
I didn't have many of them, I wasn't crazy about Tom&Jerry, I liked things with a storyline. So the Flintstones were very big with me.
Years have passed but some of my favourite cartoons never left me, they were just waiting on a shelf where I had put them for safe storage, patently, only to find the right moment to come back surrounded by a halo-like light, romanticising the lost days of my colourful childhood.
People tend to use less and less colour as they get older I find, they just block some colours out, like they are no longer suited for their social status, age, job, friends or any expectations that their surroundings might have of them.
My mother used to say she can't wear bright red any more, its not suited for her age, plus she has two children. Women with two children do not wear strident colours. (since then I managed to convince her otherwise, my sister also helped to loosen up her style, but there are still places she just won't go).
Anyway, since I have been out of my corporate surroundings for quite some time now (ever since January, when I started writing this blog, waiting for my son to be born) and got a chance to think of other things then shirts and suits and black tweed pants, I found myself pining away for Mickey Mouse.
I desperately wanted to buy a top with Mickey Mouse on it, but did you know they don't make them for adults? or at least not in my humble surroundings. (correct me if I'm wrong and please point me in the right direction) Or if they do, its usually on some shapeless, bad quality material with questionable paint!
This got me thinking, do people take themselves that seriously after an age that they no longer find it fit to wear cartoons on their clothes? Honestly? Is that it?
You could easily pair a cartoon t-shirt or top with a blazer and it would be smoking hot...but then again your bosses would have to be able to think outside the box as well, and find it funny.
Maybe its just me, maybe having a four month old baby made me want to be a child again, or maybe it just allows me to explore my goofy side...but I have to say people: it feels damn good. You ought to try it sometime!
Lucky me, a very good friend of mine, without even knowing that I was on the search for such a masterpiece, gave me some of her tops - me and my girlfriends tend to swap clothes from time to time, just to keep things interesting- among which a Minnie Mouse one. She had found it in a thrift store, its an H&M - too bad Romania still doesn't have an H&H. Imagine my happiness when I saw it :)!!! Hurray, hurray for Minnie Mouse! So, its not Mickey, but still, I love Minnie Mouse just the same.
I would love to post a picture of my Minnie Mouse top but unfortunately I am at my mother-in-laws for the week and forgot my camera at home. I promise to be back with a post on the many ways to wear a cartoon top, though.

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