Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sailor suit for my baby

My son's christening is coming up and I wanted him to wear something made by me so that I could always remember that when looking at the photos. I chose to make a sailor suit by using similar size clothes as patterns. That is usually what I do with all of my projects, use clothes that I already have as patterns, take clothes that I no longer use apart and then trace around them. But you don't need to deconstruct things if you still wear them you can just fold them in half, trace them on paper and use the paper patterns. It takes somewhat longer but you get to keep your clothes intact.

Materials needed for this project
  • 1,5 m x 1 m white linen
  • 3 m navy ribbon
  • some scraps of red satin for the bow and collar
  • elastic for the pants
  • 4 small navy colored buttons
  • white, red and navy thread

Getting started

the first thing I cut of were the pants, because they were the easiest part of he outfit and I like to start with  what is easiest just to get warmed up :) As you can see I had already attached the ribbon here

next was the blouse. This is the front of the blouse with the ribbon also partially sewn on already

this is the front and the arms, with the ribbons also already sewn on (I like to sew them on before assembly, that way there are no frayed edges)

the front, the arms and the back of the shirt

the front of the collar

the front with the back flipped over just so you can see that I lined it with red (that actually happened because I ran out of the white linen, but it turned out to be a nice touch)

and the back of the collar

the shirt before I sew the bow and the buttons on and inserted the detachable front piece (so the baby can fit its head through it and you don't need a zipper on anything else of the sort just some velcro for the detachable piece)

and the finished suit

since I don't know how to make shoes I was so happy to find this cute pair of sandals that go just  perfectly with the suit

white and navy! How lucky was I to find these :)!

Did you like the tutorial? Did you ever make something similar yourself? Any clothes for your baby?

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