Thursday, August 5, 2010

DIY- Blugirl inspired handbag

Blugirl Handbags
Remember one of my previous posts were I shared a secretlifeofabionerd video with you on how to make your own Blugirl inspired silk chiffon flower handbag? (you can see the Blugirl handbag on the left)

Well I have gone and made my own. My son's christening is coming up and I needed a little bag to match my dress and since I like this bag so much and the tutorial made it seem easy enough to do, I decided that I was going to make a handbag of my own in purple.

 The bag is 24cm x 13cm and it only took me six flowers to embellish it. The tutorial shows a bag with many smaller flowers but I found that this solutions was just as good and less time consuming. However if you make the handbag yourself you are free to choose whichever solution you like.

If you choose to make the bag, these are the materials you will need to do it:
  • silk chiffon for the bag (2 pieces of 25cm x 14cm)
  • lining material (same dimensions)
  • one zipper
  • leftover lining and silk chiffon material for the flowers, some lace if you have it in a similar shade
  • rhinestones to embellish the flowers
  • chain (length depends on how you want to wear your little bag) 
  • ribbon to weave into the chain (length depends on the length of the chain)

here are some pictures of my work in progress:

 these are my 4 pieces of fabric, the outer part of the bag and the lining, as well as the zipper I used

the pieces sewn onto the zipper, before final assembly

after top-stitching

 the petals

 the finished flowers

the bag, the flowers, the chain and the ribbon before I weaved it into the chain

 and the finished bag

paired with the dress I am going to wear to the christening


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