Sunday, August 8, 2010

DIY- top refashion

I have a thing for flowers lately, and this top was looking kinda boring so...I gave it a touch of color by adding these red yo-yo's and a new red waistband

this was the original blouse and the skirt I cut up for the waistband and yo-yo' s (both thrift shop finds:) )

 the original blouse

 after I removed the black lace

I cut out the waistband (you can only see half of it here)

I folded it in half and added two yo-yo's to the side 

I pinned the waistband to the bottom of the blouse before sewing it on, in such a manner that no frayed edges were left

left an opening on the inside to introduce the elastic

then basically just made a bunch of yo-yo's - you can find a tutorial for making yo -yo's here

after having pinned on the first row of yo -yo's

and voila:  the finished blouse!

Love it? Hate it?

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