Wednesday, August 4, 2010

High Street Cardigans presents: Snobbish Breakfast

When I first started my blog I didn't reflect much on who my readers would be or if someone even read my blog, it was more of a documentary for myself, something of an online journal that documented my adventures in "sewing-dressmaking-style-and-fashion-land". But as a child does when discovering the world, I started noticing all the other blogs around me that were addressing more or less the same subjects and I became more and more interested in what the blog-sphere had to offer. But even more importantly I started being interested in what Romanian fashion bloggers had to offer. From the very first moment that I discovered her blog I was hooked. It was the best personal style blog I had seen so far, and I don't just mean Romanian style blogs. So naturally when Ana announced that she was going to come out with a collection of her own, I was dying to see what she had come up with. I gotta say she knows how to make a fashionably late entrance, as she kept us waiting for quite some time- I used to check her blog several times a day to see if the dresses were finally done- but it was worth the wait.

So in her own words:  world... meet Snobbish Breakfast by High Street Cardigans 

I love the idea behind the collection (which you can see her explain on her blog), I love the dresses and how they would fit and flatter almost any body type, and although I haven't personally felt the material they just seem to be comfortable and low maintenance but at the same time stylish and chic.

So if you want to find out more, check out one of my favorite blogs of all time:

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