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Nina Garcia's Look Book: What To Wear For Every Occasion

Believe me--there's pressure when you're deciding what to wear to a meeting with an iconic fashion designer or a member of the press. It can be terrifying. But instead of panicking, I stop, take a deep breath, and remember that I speak "fashion." And by the time you have read this book, you'll be able to speak the language of fashion too, at all the key moments of your life. --from Nina Garcia's Look Book

 If  You have watched Lifetime's "Project Runway" over and over again like me, then you must have heard Heidi introduce Nina Garcia, one of the judges, as fashion director for Marie Claire at least a gazillion times. 

Nina Garcia is coming out with a book this month that will definitely interest all fashionistas. It's called: "Look Book: What To Wear For Every Occasion". 

 Now, this is not her first book, she has been a published author for quite some time now. Her previous books, all published since 2007 and all illustrated by Ruben Toledo, include:

 The One Hundred – A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own

The Little Black Book of Style 

Her latest how-to guide, the Look Book, offers looks for every occasion ranging from what to wear to a job interview to what to wear on a first date.

Here are a few edifying examples:

What to wear when asking for a raise?

  "You have to look unstoppable and, even more important, you have to feel unstoppable."

What to wear on a blind date
 "Bask in the thrill of the unknown ... and revel in the anticipation that you may be meeting the man of your dreams. However, always keep one fabulous heel firmly planted on the ground." 

What to wear when meeting your significant other's parents
   "Show that you respect them and truly care for their child by looking your most ladylike and appealing best. As always, the most ladylike and appealing version of you, not who you imagine they want you to be."

 What to wear for brunch with the girls
  "This is the time for a billowy maxi dress in a gorgeous floral print, with a pretty pair of ballet flats and a chic scarf. You're ready to go in an instant and you'll have plenty of room for post-brunch expansion."

What to wear to a wedding
  "Make your wedding ensemble chic but playful  ... Use the invitation as a guide, find out how dressy your friends plan to be, and you're ready to strategize." 

What to wear when you travel
  "Every stylish traveller needs a go-to outfit for each major mode of transportation." For the plane, you want the perfect combination of cosy and classy. Think dark colours and soft, natural, knit fabrics that move with you.For the train you can dress similarly to the plane, but with the roomier seats feel free to dress it up a bit. For the car be spill proof, wrinkle proof and comfortable. Again, think dark colours and knits. 

I have to say I liked Nina's style on Project Runway so I was happy when I found the above illustrations and quotes and managed to get some insight into it, as it is not so easy for us Eastern Europeans to come by certain information as fast as in other parts of the world.
But I was even happier when I found this excerpt from the book on . It's quite long so I will post it only partially, but you can go to the link above to read the entire thing. I have to say however that the excerpt makes me want to own the book, so I think I will look into possibilities of having it shipped to Romania :).

"Know first who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly. -epictetus  ... And then I thought about my girlfriends. I thought of the hundreds, if not thousands, of calls I field from them (and they from me) a couple of hours before we meet for an event, each and every call boiling down to the same question, repeated over and over: "What Should I Wear?!" Everyone has made that call, had that conversation, and wailed this question to some poor soul who will probably have to ask it herself imminently. Everything from what to wear to a rock concert, a first date, a funeral, or a Yankees game, a trade convention, and even to brunch with each other! "

"A great social success is a pretty girl who plays her cards as carefully as if she were plain. -F. Scott Fitzgerald ...This book will lead you through the fashion lingo for some of life's basic occasions to ensure that your ensemble is always a flawless representation of you. You'll learn how to be appropriate without being prudish, creative without being too zany, and confident without being overbearing.

How does Nina's book seem to you? Would you buy it? Do you like her personal style? Dying to hear from you. 

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