Saturday, August 7, 2010

Outfit post - Carrot pants and a lot of Best Finds

I got these carrot pants on sale at New Yorker for 20 RON (around 7$) they are about 2 sizes bigger than I needed but I liked them so much I just couldn't resist (especially at this price)

which brings us to the belt, it really is way more than an accessory in this case, it literally keeps my pants up and on me :)
I got it at a thrift store, really good leather imitation

the jewelry is from a trip to Tunisia a while back, I got the bracelet at the Sousse Medina (old city market)

and the earrings (which are supposedly silver) from the Sousse Soula Center. I love getting jewelry as souvenir from the places I travel to. Do you do the same?

Are you a fan of carrot pants?

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