Friday, August 20, 2010

Romania, The Land of Choice?

I have to start by admitting that our choice was not based on our undying and irrevocable love for our country and its scenery (although it very well could have been) but rather on much more practical reasoning (like the fact that we have a small baby that cannot travel hundreds and thousands of miles or the fact that we had a limited budget this year...). Since I can remember - and since we could afford it- we always spent our summer holidays abroad (Greece, Tunisia, Egypt, Germany, Sweden, Holland, Denmark, Turkey...) even though we were often disappointed or stressed because the conditions presented to us in our home country were not the same as the ones we found on site. But the bad memories tended to fade away and the good ones replaced them- diving in the Red Sea was definitely in the top 10 of most enjoyable experiences. So it became a given that we spend our holidays abroad. It was only this year, since we had a new addition to our family, that I started searching for something closer to home, something quiet and peaceful that still  had everything we wanted - for example a pool is always a must!
I have had a long love affair with mountains, yet somehow I ended up neglecting them for the longest time, but now seemed the best moment to revisit this gorgeous scenery, since going to the seaside with a six month old is not a great idea. But long walks in the fresh mountain air, now that is a different story.
I ended up finding a very nice holiday centre near the town of Brezoi by the Olt river, in Vâlcea County, at the feet of the Southern Carpathians- not to high up to be cold but also close enough to enjoy the mountains. So four days ago we packed up and started on our little adventure. I have to say, I'm not disappointed. It's not necessarily better than our travels abroad, but its definitely at least as good at a much, much, much lover price I get to enjoy the mountains after having spent the last 6 summer holidays at the seaside.

this is our cute little holiday centre

you could take long walks around the premises

 which we did :)

 have a barbecue

 have a nice swimm

 a great breakfast

 enjoy the lakes and the view
 have fun with their cute little dogs

explore the surrounding area

We also visited the nearby town of of Râmnicu Vâlcea, the capital city of this county, it is located near the Cozia Mountains, which we also got to admire, as well as the well known Cozia monastery.  

Cozia monastery

Cozia monastery

Cozia monastery

Our holiday isn't over yet, so I will be back with updates. But until then...
Do you have your summer vacations in your home country or do you travel abroad? Have you ever visited Romania or live here and spend your holidays at home? I'm dying to hear your opinion on inland tourism! So please comment!!!

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