Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Win $1000 by creating fall wardrobe looks!


Powered by Polyvore

Polyvore has launched the new Mini Editor and to celebrate it they are giving away $1000 to a blogger and $1000 to one of their readers!

I just installed this virtual styling tool to my blog so that we can start creating outfits together.  Have fun with using the widget above to create looks of your choice and get a chance at winning a nice sum for your fall wardrobe. The more outfits the more chances at winning.

Instructions: (in case you need them)

  • click the "create" button in the upper left corner of the widget to start creating
  • use the items I selected from the row below the widget to create your look
  •  drop them in the window that says: "drag items here"
  • use the "forwards" and "backwards" buttons to arrange the items to your liking
  • add a background of your choice to complete the look
  • click on "publish" and you are done
  • click on the "gallery" button to view the look you have created
  • and don't forget: the more sets the more chances at winning!

To get things started I will post the first outfit myself :).

For more info on the contest click here

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