Sunday, September 12, 2010

Getting into shape

I know that I kinda went missing from the blogspehere lately...I have no excuse.
I could say that I had a lot to do, that my son is growing and needs more and more of my time and attention, that I took advantage of the long sunny autumn days and spent a lot of my time outside taking long walks with my baby...all of it would be true but then again non of it would be the reason for me not writing.

To be honest, I wasn't in the mood, and so I kept posting no-text-entries and a ton of polyvore outfits- don't get me wrong I still love polyvore- which I felt were kind of taking the blog down the hill, so I decided to stop posting until I really had something to say. (I'm kinda abusing that now)

But to make a long story short, my son recently turned 6 months old and for several reasons that I really don't care to explain right now he is no longer breastfeeding which means that I can start the diet I have been planing ever since I got pregnant and knew that I was inevitably going to gain some weight.

Luckily most of the baby weight is gone - I only have 2 kg left- but to reach my goal weight I have to loose 5 kg, which I am now attempting to do, while maintaining a healthy and balanced diet.

The first thing I did was to calculate my calorie intake and how I should reduce it in order to loose weight in a healthy manner. I tried several calculators but liked this one the most.

After finding out how much I could eat I started a weight loss journal, you can find one here. Mine is a bit different but you can adapt any of these journals to you needs, they are just guidelines.
I will keep you updated on my eating habits...

Also, exercise is very important, so what I do is, I start my day with the 5 Tibetan rites and then take at least 2 hour walks with my son in the afternoon (yes, every day).

I love these exercises, its like yoga for dummies and you can really feel the results from day 1.

So without abusing my writing privileges any longer I am now going to tend to the matter at hand. But please let me know about your weight loss stories, favorite exercises, thoughts on the 5 Tibetan rites...or whatever comes to mind on weight loss and health issues.

Until then...have a marvelous Monday!

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