Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Necklace for my mother

I love browsing the web for tutorials on how to make jewelry, clothes, and more recently all sorts of funny and interesting stuff for children (I am working on some storage baskets for my son's toys which I will soon share with you). This is how I came across this  wonderful tutorial on how to make a ribbon pearl necklace which was really beautiful and seemed easy to make. So I decided to make one for my mother.

 Materials needed:
  • pearls (same or different size- you will find that in the turorial mentioned above, the pearls are the same size and the end result is different)
  • ribbon (color and width of your choice)
  • thread (preferably the same color as the ribbon)
  • needle
All you need to do is pass the thread through the ribbon and then the first pearl, then wrap the ribbon around one side of the peral and secure it with the read on the other side. Keep on going until you have the desired length.
Make sure to leave ribbon on both sides of the necklace as it will be your closure.

Here is my "masterpiece"


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