Thursday, September 23, 2010

Storage Baskets Tutorial

I've said this before, I love finding tutorials on the net and making things myself and I have become especially artsy-crafty since my son was born. The latest in a long line of things that I have made are some hanging storage baskets for his toys. If you don't have a baby I bet you can still always find something to store in these baskets, whether it be your accessories or socks :). You can make the smaller or bigger and use more "grown up materials" if you want. It will make them look totally different. 
I found a wonderful tutorial by the Mother Huddle based on which I made them.

If you are thinking of making them yourself I will walk you trough on how to make them.

First of all you will need the following materials:
  •  three 20x 25.5 cm (8 x 10 inch) wooden panels (in the tutorial mentioned above you will find that Plexiglas sheets were used which you can also do, but wood was more accessible to me)
  • three 47 x 72 cm (18½ x 28 inch) fabric pieces from you outer material and the same size three pieces from your lining material
  • three 10 x 27 cm ( 4 x 10 ½ inch) pieces
  • a curtain rod for hanging the baskets

First you will need to fold your large pieces in half with right side in, short ends together and them sew up the sides, leaving the top open. Like this:

do the same to your lining material as well

Next, take your fabric and fold your corners down like shown in the picture below. Measure 8.5 cm (3¾ inches) from the endpoint and pin across on both sides like so:

Then turn your fabric right side out, place in the wooden panel, then your lining material and pin the top by adding the smaller material (hem the sides of it before inserting) to what will be the backside of the basket.

 sew it up, insert the rod and you are done

For more on how to make these wonderful baskets visit the tutorial on:

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