Thursday, October 14, 2010

Plaid jacket Tutorial

Do you like plaid? I'm usually all for monochromatic jackets but I found this great material that I just couldn't resist (especially at the bargain price of 3$) so I bought it, combined it with some red material I had fro some time and the result, well...I kinda love it

 I used a cardigan- that  has seen better days, and I was no longer wearing it but I love the silhouette- as a pattern- usually I use my old clothes as patterns.  This is the front of the jacket

 and the back

 I put the front and the back wrong sides facing and sewed them together with a running stitch

 I made a second jacket from the red material, which was going to be the lining. after the two jackets were done I put them over each other, wrongs sides facing, left an opening at the neckline and turned it inside out after having sewn them together.

the collar

again, wrong sides facing, the white lace that was going to show was sewn in between the two layers

 ...and for the closure of the jacket  I made a brooch from the same materials, using a safety pin to pin it in place. For a tutorial on how to make the flowers, you can check out this post

So long story short...this is my jacket. 

Do you like it?

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