Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kelly Osbourne is the new face of Material Girl!

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Well brace yourselves people, Taylor Momsen has been replaced! Madonna's daughter Lola announced it via her blog and twitter that the new face of the line for 2011 was going to be none other then the (newly) fabulous Kelly Osbourne.

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 And I for one applaud the decision. Taylor Momsen might have her own style, be unique, daring, stand out and all that jazz Madonna may have wanted for the face of her line, but simply put she just keeps looking fugglier and just plain unwashed. Now Kelly has had quite the metamorphosis
                                                 going from this
                                                                                                         to this 

she is deserving indeed. She has turned into quite the lady; stylish, well put together and well, gorgeous. So I wish her nothing but the best in all of her future endeavours as she has clearly shown that change is possible!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

DIY- Copper wire ring

 I know I have been awai for some time now but as my son is growing and sleeping less and less during the day I find that my time to do things for myself is being cut shorter and shorter.
I'm not complaining though, he is a joy to be around and I do steal some time away as often as I can to focus on myself.
Yesterday was such a day and I ended up using my free time to make a a ring from some old beads I had laying around for a while now. Its very easy to do and takes less then 30 minutes. So here is the tutorial for you.

You will need:
  • brown and green beads (or any other 2 colors you prefer and that merge in the bead you will use for the center)
  • a larger bead as the center piece
  • copper wire (about 50 cm)

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

 Step 4

and the finished ring is ready to wear

Have fun making your own!