Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My new favorite: Ingrid Vlasov

So I might be a tad behind on this one, but better late then never, right? After reading on one of my favourite blogs, highstreetcardigans, about JOY magazine teaming up with Romanian designers and offering scarves designed by them as a bonus for buying the magazine, I just had to go out and get it. (btw I got the  Maria Lucia Hohan scarf and I love it to death ).

As chance would have it on the front page there was Lady Gaga- I gotta say I'm not a huge fan, to over the top for me- and a title about her wearing dresses by Romanian designer Ingrid Vlasov. 

So thank you Lady Gag for turning me on to one of my fellow country(wo)men. I naturally went straight to the computer to look her up and needles to say I fell in love.

First and foremost the caplets caught my eye, and just as luck would have it they are my favourite colour combination: black and white.

I have to say, I was also surprised at how moderately they are priced for designer clothes. So go check out her website http://www.ingridvlasov.com/, you won't regret it, I promise!

Picture source: http://www.ingridvlasov.com/

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